Aug 26, 2019

New Book Explores Future Scenarios of The Intelligence Supernova: What Will That Mean for Humanity? Immortality or Oblivion?

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We are now on a collision course with the most significant event in the entire history of our planet comparable in criticality only to the emergence of life itself. This “Novacene” event would mark the technological maturity of human-machine civilization, as we are to inevitably transcend our biology, and even more importantly, we are to transcend our dimensionality by achieving the so-called Simulation Singularity.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of the Technological Singularity. While those terms can be often used interchangeably, the ’Intelligence Supernova’ adds a slightly different connotation — it means the Omega Point of Homo sapiens — the convergent point of exponential technologies and on a civilizational scale, progressively morphing into one Global Mind and a phase transition of humanity termed in the book ’The Syntellect Emergence’. This convergent point would signify no less than Self-Transcendence, in other words, engineered godhood.

Within the next few decades, we’ll witness accelerating changes so profound and swift that the linear progression of human history would eventuate as the Intelligence Supernova of astronomical significance, the “implosion” of all knowledge of man and “transcension” outside the dimensionality of “human” universe.


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