Aug 1, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein, a Narcissistic Transhumanist

Posted by in category: transhumanism…shumanist/ the author of the article is a dummy and a hypocrite. By his criteria, then God and Jesus and all Christians, Jews and Muslims as well as pretty much all the world’s religions are narcissists etc., Because every world religion I can remember believes in an eternal afterlife.

Jeffrey Epstein’s deep dive into transhumanism.


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  1. flashgordon says:

    Why do you think people conform to the religion of the place of their origin? Because that’s how you get sex … and money. If you don’t believe in what’s popular in your society, you get no sex or money.

  2. Well, that’s only one way to look at religion. Epstein was very very selfish. That’s the beginning of corruption of all kinds. Sex is the way to create a family and also bonds married couples as well as just partners of different types, including LGBTQ. And money is used simply as a tool by many. It’s how we get a roof over our heads, food and medical etc. It replaced trading chickens and cows. I’m not sure what you meant for sure but my counter is merely a sign I didn’t understand fully perhaps. I mean no offense. But if you mean the selfish people, the greedy and perverse and obsessed, then yeah, I agree there’s those kinds and too many. It’s an issue for science to solve as addiction is one big aspect such as addiction to Porn. plus there’s other medical issues. Porn gives you brain damage. Plus head injuries increase aggression and in males, they become toxic from lack of support. there’s other men’s advocates but she added me on Instagram and I try to follow everyone that adds me. I’ve followed 7500 people now. Plus there’s mental illness that’s genetic or environmental and bullied people often want revenge on the world etc. Plus drugs and alcohol mess people up as well as bad examples growing up and broken homes. Bad examples can be movies or music or friends and relatives. It’s pretty complex but if done right, an AI designed by both men and women or a team of men and women or both, working together could take the insights from both and we need different backgrounds and nations as well.