Jul 6, 2019

To cure brain diseases, neuroscientists must collaborate: That’s why I’m giving my data away

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Thomas Durcan’s lab is growing 3D mini-brains in the search for a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Over the next year he is giving all his lab’s protocols, methods and results away.


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  1. Tom Laudino says:

    I read the article, “To cure brain diseases, neuroscientists must collaborate,” this morning, and was impressed to a new level.

    It reminded me of the US research and development at Los Alamos that began in 1942. Despite the eventual long term outcome of the Manhattan Project, the example of researchers working together to achieve a goal has been unprecedented both before and after.

    Thomas Durcan, PhD, is attempting to open a door that has been closed for many years. To “pay it forward” may sound like a cliche, but from the bottom of my heart I thank him for his open minded approach to research that may someday find the cure of a “disease” that continues to change the lives of many people.

    My last comment is to clarify that I do not deal with Parkinson’s Disease, but the potential benefit of research is very important based on my 25+ years in the Allied Health Care field. I deal with the permanent results of a TBI that occurred in the OR during surgery for removal of a misdiagnosed brain tumor that did not exist, but has permanently changed my life. Research and knowledge are the foundations of medical care, and I sincerely want to thank Thomas Durcan, PhD, for prioritizing the medical advance of treatment rather than his personal benefit.

  2. Eric Klien says:

    @Tom Laudino, this is a great comment!