May 19, 2019

Tomorrow The Definition of The Kilogram Will Change Forever. Here’s What That Really Means

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Finally, 130 years after it was established, the kilogram as we know it is about to be retired. But it’s not the end: tomorrow, 20 May 2019, a new definition will be put in place — one that’s far more accurate than anything we’ve had until now.

After the shift was unanimously voted in at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles at the end of last year, the change is now finally about to become official. Le kilogramme est mort, vive le kilogramme.

Most people don’t think about metrology — the science of measurement — as we go about our day. But it’s vastly important. It’s not just the system by which we measure the world; it’s also the system by which scientists conduct their observations.

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