May 13, 2019

Fertilize the ocean, cool the planet?

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MIT researchers find unintended consequences of an idea to stimulate ocean phytoplankton growth in order to geoengineer a cooler atmosphere.

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  • Alec Rawls on May 16, 2019 12:32 am

    Cooling is dangerous, regularly plunging the planet into 100,000 yr glacial periods, warming is not.

    Anyone who believes the CO2 alarmists for a second… just look at how they try to dismiss the competing solar-magnetic warming theory (the leading theory before the warming scare started).

    The IPCC “consensus” claims that because the 80 yr. grand maximum of solar magnetic activity that began in about 1920 peaked in the mid-1980s it cannot be responsible for the little spurt of warming that continued through the end of the 20th century.

    Liars. When a temperature driver is at it’s peak, that is when the rate of warming it causes is at it’s MAXIMUM, yet the “consensus” is trying to pretend that this is the point where its warming effect is ZERO (where it switches from having a warming effect to having a cooling effect).

    You can find this lie in every IPCC report and in the research papers of dozens of the leading IPCC authors. They ALL say it.

    Hey morons: you really think that the hottest time of the day is noon, and immediately beyond this point, while the sun is still near its strongest, it no longer warms the day but the day starts cooling? No, it doesn’t start cooling until late afternoon.

    Who here believes that the hottest day of the year is the longest day of the year (the first day of summer)? Every IPCC scientist has said IN WRITING that they do.

    Noon and June 26th are the times of fastest warming, and every one of these lying phony scientists knows it. Yet this is how ALL of them evade the solar theory, which in fact fits the data much better than their fraudulent CO2 theory.

    Total stinking fraud. They are straight up LYING, and you can verify it for yourself just by looking in any IPCC report for how they dismiss the solar theory.

    Get rid of the unscientific dismissal of the solar-warming theory and the amount of late 20th century estimated as attributable to CO2 drops way down, a small warming effect that is unambiguously benign.

    We will soon be wishing it was a lot stronger, now that the sun has gone quiet. If only CO2-warming was a quarter as strong as the lying alarmists claim it could do some good, but no, CO2’s main help is going to be its potency as a plant fertilizer, partially offsetting the shortened growing seasons as the planet starts to cool.

    Geo-engineering may in the end be needed, but it won’t be it the cooling direction, it will be the use of sooty coal plants to paint the great white north black in winter in an effort to keep glaciation at bay.

  • Hard Core on May 16, 2019 3:57 am

    As long as the deceased rainfall doesn’t affect where I live, then I’m all for it! Yay! Go phytoplankton, save the world. Or at least my part of it. And maybe those places where I like to vacation.

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