Apr 1, 2019

EHF Fellow: Nathan Doctor

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Outcome-based education. This is about a man who is involved in a system designed to train and assess the skills of computer programmers, but I wonder if the ideas could be applied to other types of learning.

For that matter, it strikes me that merit badges in the Boy Scouts may work along similar lines.

Nathan chose all-in, investing his entire life savings in a single stock-market exchange, and made enough money to keep the business alive. The past several years have been full of similar tests of commitment but Nathan and his business partner have weathered them all, building a groundbreaking company called Qualified.

Qualified has developed a new format for training and assessing coding skills, one that achieves greater effectiveness through an immersive, real-world experience. This allows companies to identify the best potential employees and educators to improve student evaluation.

“In the workforce, this assessment approach ensures that performance gets rewarded instead of pedigree. In education, this new format enables interactive, self-directed learning, while also allowing educational institutions to be responsive to rapid changes in relevant skills.”

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