Mar 27, 2019

This Superfluid Is Alive, And It Could Power Machines of the Future

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Fluids with zero viscosity seemingly defy the laws of physics and they have endless applications. But they’ve been hard to make, until now. The secret? Bacteria!

Scientists’ Crazy Plan to Power Solar Panels With E. Coli —

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Swarming Bacteria Create an ‘Impossible’ Superfluid.…-20180726/
“Researchers explore a loophole that extracts useful energy from a fluid’s seemingly random motion. The secret? Sugar and asymmetry.”

More info about E. Coli
“E. coli is the name of a type of bacteria that lives in your intestines and in the intestines of animals. Although most types of E. coli are harmless, some types can make you sick.”

Swimming bacteria work together to go with the flow
“This shows us that microscopic bacterial activity can be converted into macroscopic useful mechanical power. In other words, it is possible to make bacteria work together and use that to power larger devices.”

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