Feb 15, 2019

‘Reverse trick’ for LEDs could keep future computers cool

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Running LEDs with electrodes in reverse can cool nearby devices, which could come in handy for smaller, faster computers.

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  1. Boghos L. Artinian MD says:

    Cool calculators*

    It’s strange that cool calculators
    Juggling with digits infinite,
    Crave for yet another plunge
    In the abyss of naught absolute.**
    Perchance the plight is anticipated
    Of such intelligence in heat,
    For dare heat creep into ordered crystals
    Or order prevail in chaotic fumes?
    Surely heaven is frost and hell fire,
    And God so cool and intelligent
    That in the beginning He couldn’t be.
    Yet if in the beginning He was
    In the throes of the Big Bang ordained
    By fire, Almighty and supreme,
    Then intelligent he couldn’t have been
    Ere he cooled down and crystallized.

    * computers
    ** — 270 Degrees Centigrade

    Boghos L. Artinian MD