Feb 24, 2019

Radical New Technologies will Make People “Super Human” and the Government More Efficient

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In my continuing work with the government of UAE / #Dubai, I have an article on #transhumanism that came out in a new portal launched with their recent World Government Summit 2019. Give it a read!

Everywhere around us a “super human” future is rapidly appearing. Sometimes called transhumanism, scientists, programmers, and engineers everywhere are working on radical technologies that not only become a part of our everyday reality, but also fit directly into our bodies.

Some examples are contact lenses that see in the dark. Others are endoskeletons attached to artificial limbs that can lift a half ton of weight. Still others are brain chip implants that read your thoughts and instantly communicate them with others. Sound like science fiction? Indeed, it does. Nevertheless, it’s coming very soon. In fact, much of the technology already exists. Some of it’s being sold commercially at your local superstore or being tested in laboratories right now around the world.

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