Feb 25, 2019

A $6 million floating home that can withstand Category 4 hurricanes is now a reality. Take a look inside

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  • After years of development, the housing startup Arkup has debuted a floating home that can withstand rising sea levels and Category 4 hurricanes.
  • The home contains a hydraulic system that lifts it above water and anchors it during heavy winds.
  • Arkup envisions a future where entire communities in Miami and other major cities are designed to float.

When the housing startup Arkup revealed its plan to build a floating, hurricane-proof yacht in 2017, South Florida had just witnessed the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma, a Category 4 storm that destroyed hundreds of residences.

The company’s models were designed to weather a storm of that magnitude, but it would be another two years before they became a reality.

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  • alexander evans on February 26, 2019 8:37 pm

    6 million !!!!?. oh i get it .. 1 mill for the home and 5 for the Company. makes sense if one wants to make alot of money fast.

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