Jan 24, 2019

Steve Perry presents GDF11 with an Age Reversal update

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GDF11 is an endogenous (meaning it’s natural, and you have it in you) signaling molecule whose primary mechanism of action is stem cell DNA repair. Most of the aging is likely caused by the atrophy of your stem cell populations due to declining GDF11 levels, and many believe this is natural selection’s way of programming lifespan. Fortunately, adding exogenous GDF11 can generally repair enough of senescent stem cells to reverse your age 5 to 10 years.

Steve will take some time providing information on the topic and answering questions.

“I’ve always been interested in stopping the aging process, and as a lifelong software guy, coupled with plenty of evidence from parabiosis experiments, I believe lifespan is programmed by natural selection, specifically group selection.

The primary mechanism for determining lifespan is a naturally occurring, blood born peptide called GDF11. Interestingly enough, the molecular structure of GDF11 is maintained across all vertebrate species. You have GDF in you right now, but unless you are 18, you don’t have enough of it.

GDF11’s mechanism of action is repairing stem cell DNA. GDF11 declines with age, so as you age, your stem cell colonies diminish and atrophy, eventually resulting in catastrophic failure, i.e., death. Injecting endogenous GDF11 can stop this process and my goal for the last two years has been to refine the GDF11 dosage and replacement process.” ~ Steve Perry.

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  1. Michael Hummer says:

    I’d love to hear more, particularly about how to go about getting started with injections. I haven’t heard the whole video yet so if that’s covered disregard.

  2. Urban Archer says:

    Where can i buy and is there somebody that can help me getting started. I am an intensive care nurse, age 48, and would like to start with GDF 11.
    Kind regards.
    Urban Archer.

    Amsterdam Netherlands.