Jan 7, 2019

Share Your Thoughts and Gain Perspective with IBM Project Debater

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#ProjectDebater –Speech by Crowd is an experimental #AI platform that uses your arguments to create pro and con narratives on topics of debate.

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  1. flashgordon says:

    this doesn’t sound like we’re building a rational A.I. — but an incrowder politician A.I. It’s just gong to take the opinions of people and side with thew popular ones, and not the correct ones.

  2. flashgordon says:

    I hear project Debater has emotional A.I. integrated!

  3. flashgordon says:

    I think with emotional A.I. integration, we can make objective rational A.I. debater technology!

  4. flashgordon says:

    you only get to share your thoughts on quesitons they pose; you don’t get to bring up issues they appear to not think of.