Jan 7, 2019

Genetic testing is the future of healthcare, but many experts say companies like 23andMe are doing more harm than good

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  • Genetic testing will be a cornerstone of healthcare in 2019, experts say.
  • There are two ways to do the testing: getting a costly but complete genetic workup through a doctor or opting for a cheaper at-home test like those sold by 23andMe.
  • Clinicians and advocates criticize the at-home approach, which they say prioritizes convenience over privacy and long-term health.
  • But entrepreneurs counter that the at-home approach lets more people access information.
  • Which method will win out, and at what cost?

As millions of Americans sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, the biomedical researcher James Hazel sent out a stark warning about the genetic-testing kits that he surmised would be a hot topic of conversation.

Most of them are neither safe nor private.

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