Jan 1, 2019

‘Black Mirror’ Interactive Film: Inside the 2-Year Journey of ‘Bandersnatch’

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The tech-savvy Black Mirror audience is a natural fit since, as Engelbrecht put it, they tend to be “a little more experimental and willing to be out there.” But it was the mind of Brooker and the potential for what he could create that made Netflix want to go all in. In order to fully execute Brooker’s vision, Netflix created new technology, including “state tracking” to remember the choices viewers make over the course of the story. That tech is what allows for the unique experience for each viewer. Choices made earlier in the episode impact scenes and storylines as the viewer goes in ways that can be subtle (like an advertisement for the cereal that was picked) or very impactful, even resulting in which endings a viewer can unlock.

Netflix released its first interactive experience for adults with ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ on Dec. 28. The teams behind the immersive film, which debuts first-of-its-kind technology, tell The Hollywood Reporter how to be an active player in Charlie Brooker’s story.

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