Dec 10, 2018

Physics Suggests That Our Dreams Might Be Glimpses Of Other Dimensions

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If you have ever looked into the ‘many world’s theory’ you know that the world we live in is quite possibly one of many. Regardless of the multiverse hypotheses, you choose to follow/look into each one is truly fascinating for a number of reasons.

Basically, most of them touch on how there are many different worlds, universes, dimensions, or whatever you would like to call them. Each one the same as our own but also different in some way. For instance, in another world, you might be living the same life as you are now but perhaps politics had gone in a different direction. Maybe all of the presidents that were elected here in the US were opposite from how they are in our world. Maybe everything is the same except for you have different colored hair? The differences between worlds could be minuscule or extreme, it all varies.

While throughout the years’ many physicists and researchers, in general, have been trying hard to prove the existence of this kind of thing, it has proven to be quite the task. That being said, the concept itself has not been disproven. Now, what this article is about is a concept many do not realize is quite prevalent in these theories. We are all connected to these other worlds or universes. Each one might be separate from our own but it has been suggested time and time again that when we experience things like deja vu or peculiar dreams we are getting a glimpse into one of these other worlds.

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