Oct 25, 2018

What Will Happen After The Technological Singularity Ray Kurzweil

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  1. flashgordon says:

    This video is pretty old. Anyways …

    Something I can’t help noticing when viewing nanotech and A.I. documentaries — science and tech future documentary youtubes, and even Eric Drexler’s “Engines of Creation” is they never suggest the science applications. They cover the A.I. and Space, and energy and biological.

    Eric Drexler’s “Engines of Creation” does suggest A.I. can push the limits of knowledge, and thinks that A.I. will reach a plateau of what’s possible to learn. He didn’t think that knowledge is infinite. Still, what I really mean is he and all these science/tech future youtubes never say “oh, and imagine the scientific instruments one can make, and the science that can be done.”

  2. flashgordon says:

    In a nanotech/A.I. and now Quantum Computer future, what will people do with such a youthful, healthy extended lifespan?

    I know what a real intellectual will do; more science and mathematics. But, this is not an answer most people will accept.

    - Somewhat similarly to how people talking about a nanotech/A.I future don’t talk much about what great scientific instruments we can make, the A.I. guys don’t talk much about the A.I. revolution being about fighting irrationality. It’s like they’re afraid of the answer. Or, it doesn’t dawn on them at all. They endlessly complain about bias and abuse, but if you point out irrationality, they shut you up!