Oct 30, 2018

Google Wants You to Build AI That Benefits Society

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The “AI for Social Good” contest has a prize pool of $25 million.

Okay Google, feed the hungry.

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  1. flashgordon says:

    I got an idea; let’s create a fear/irrationality/immaturity detector!

    Isn’t it amazing, the one social problem that humanity has, and not one A.I./futurist ever even notices there’s a problelm — dinkwads?

  2. flashgordon says:

    I know; we’ll make a dipshit/dingdong./nitwit meter!

  3. flashgordon says:

    I think what should perhaps be said is that the “social good” that people want A.I. for here are “safe social good” — bare necessities stuff, and not about dealing with terrorism(what’s terrorism? Nobody wants to answer that! Gangs goes to cults; religion is just a big cult. Gangs are terrorists. Gangs and Religions are all conspiracies, and they all claim the other religions are conspiracies against them.)