Oct 22, 2018

Dr. David Sinclair AMA at Reddit Futurology

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In support of the NAD+ Mouse Project over at, Dr. David Sinclair will be doing an AMA on Reddit Futurology Tuesday, October 23, 2018 from 11:00 – 12:00 AM EDT. Dr. Sinclair will be answering questions from the community about his work with NAD+ biology, Sirtuins, and why the NAD+ Mouse Project is important for aging research. To ask your question please visit the AMA thread on Reddit Futurology here.

For those not familiar with NAD+ biology we did the NAD+ World series recently which explores this area of the biology of aging. We also took a look at why NAD+ appears to decline as we age and what is one of the most likely reasons for this.

Dr. Sinclair and his team at Harvard Medical School are currently hosting the NAD+ Mouse Project with us at which is aiming to conduct long-term studies into the ability of NAD+ precursor molecule, NMN, to delay or even reverse some aspects of aging.

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