Sep 21, 2018

Treating Aging with SENSOlytics

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Today, we would like to share a talk given by Stephen Hilbert, President of Oisin Biotechnologies, in which he discusses treating aging and cancer by removing harmful senescent cells.

On July 12th, we hosted our first conference, Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects & Advances in Research, at the Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, which is part of the Cooper Union campus in New York City. The packed event saw a range of people from research, investment, and the wider community coming together for a day of science and biotech business presentations and panels.

One of the companies at the event was Oisin Biotechnologies, a company working on therapies that remove harmful senescent cells, which accumulate as we age and drive aging processes through the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP), which leads to chronic inflammation.

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