Sep 20, 2018

The Evolution of Data (Linked Data) Needed For AI

Posted by in categories: information science, internet, robotics/AI

This video is the second in a two-part series discussing big data. In this video, we’ll be discussing how we can utilize the vast quantities of data being generated as well as the implications of linked data on big data.

[0:33–4:43] — Starting off we’ll look at, what exactly big data is and delving deeper into the types of data, structured and unstructured and how they will be analyzed both by humans and machine learning (AI).

[4:43–11:37] — Following that we’ll discuss, how this data will be put to use and the next evolution of data, linked data, and how it will change the world and the web!

[11:37–12:37] — To conclude we’ll briefly overview the role cloud computing will play with big data!

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