Sep 3, 2018

Rejuvenation Roundup August 2018

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LEAF’s August 2018 roundup is out!

We hope August has treated you well—it certainly did so for life extension, as this has been another month full of great news for the field. Don’t be upset with the departure of summer and the arrival of autumn, because little by little, we’re getting close to pushing away the autumn of years.

More investments against aging

The fight against aging is being taken more and more seriously by a growing number of investors, who realize the world-changing potential of effective rejuvenative treatments as well as the great opportunity for profit. Juvenescence Limited, which recently closed a 10-million deal with Ichor TherapeuticsAntoxerene, has now announced the purchase of 14.4 million shares of BioTime’s AgeX Therapeutics—a company focused on extending healthy human lifespan—for a total of over $43 million. AgeX’s work focuses on telomerase upregulation and cell therapies, and Juvenescence has invested in AgeX before. The news has been reported and commented on on Fight Aging! as well.

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