Sep 9, 2018

Methuselah Foundation Cofounder thinks Longevity Escape Velocity could be here by 2030

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David Gobel was the first to put forward the concept of longevity escape velocity, or LEV. How far are we from LEV, assuming the current pace of research and no serious showstoppers?

Twelve years, or 2030, is David’s best guess based on what is known today.

David Gobel cofounded the Methuselah Foundation with Aubrey de Grey and continues to run the Methuselah Foundation today.

Methuselah Foundation has given millions of dollars to regenerative medicine research, backing ventures such as Organovo, Oisin Biotechnologies, and SENS Research Foundation.

Organovo invented and is now selling high-fidelity 3D human liver and kidney tissues to the research market, is providing contract services, and is on track to deliver a 3D liver patch to the clinic in two years.

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