Sep 16, 2018

Long-term colonization of the solar system with 290,000 square feet per person

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A 5 km settlement radius corresponds roughly to the sweet design spot where earthlike radiation shielding is produced for free by the required structural mass.

Overall, the settlement concept satisfies the following generic requirements for long-term large-scale settling of the solar system:

1g artificial gravity, earthlike atmosphere, earthlike radiation protection. 2. Large enough size so that internals of the settlement exceed a person’s lifetime-integrated capacity to explore. 3. Standard of living reminiscent to contemporary royal families on Earth, quantified by up to 25,000 m2 of urban living area and 2000 m2 of rural area per inhabitant (290,000 square feet per person). 4. Access to other settlements and Earth by spacecraft docking ports, using safe arrival and departure procedures that do not require impulsive chemical propulsion.

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