Sep 29, 2018

Brain Implants Would End Most Sexual Assaults

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Some of my thoughts on the Kavanaugh hearings, sexual assault, and technology:…/brain-implants-would-end-most…/ #transhumanism #MeToo

A brain implant that registers trauma could help prevent rape and violent crime — so why don’t we have it yet?

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  1. flashgordon says:

    it’ll do a whole lot more than that . . how about expose a whole bunch of immature people; for instance, how about exposing those who can’t take biblical criticism, or critical thinking because then you’re criticizing a certain culture?

    And oh yes, we won’t need brain implants . . pretty soon!

  2. flashgordon says:

    or, how about exposing a bunch of racist cops, f.b.i.?

    Or, I know! How about exposing a bunch of blacks and femals who wrongly accuse various people they want out of their way of racism, rape(date rapes even thought they jumped in bad with them). How about exposing those blacks who told their children to point their fake guns at police and see what they’d do? Then, turn around and claim police brutality?

  3. flashgordon says:

    At first, I tried to question Elon Musk and OpenA.I.‘s brain implants. I thought “you think criminals are going to change because of an a.I. implant?” “They’re just going to be be smarter criminals.”

    But, then I thought, Elon could be smarter than this. This would also expose those who want to abuse the A.I. and any other technology. It’s a bit like the trapping books in the Myst games. Why do you want to enter this particular book?