Sep 14, 2018

A Look At Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure In 2018

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Filling up a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) is one of those unknowns that many buyers might not consider until it’s time to actually head to a station and fill up for the first time. We are in the unique position to try out many of the latest and greatest vehicles, including a handful of FCEVs.

A key part of the ownership experience is the fueling experience, including finding stations and the physical process of fueling up the vehicle. Thankfully, filling up is a fairly painless experience, but it is different enough to warrant a quick introduction.

After a few days of driving the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell loaner around town, it was getting low on hydrogen, but with right around 120 miles of range left and only 30 miles to the first station on our route, we weren’t concerned and headed out on an adventure.

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