Sep 20, 2018

A cure for aging: where do we stand today?

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Ending aging and getting rid of its associated conditions is one of humanity’s most ancient dreams. Some of our earliest myths are about heroes going on a quest to find a way to make the whole of mankind forever young. With the current progress in aging research, this is not a dream anymore. In laboratories around the globe, researchers are conducting experiments that show that aging is amenable to medical intervention; we can slow it down and even reverse some age-related changes. As recent experiments on mice demonstrate, there are various ways to postpone aging. Among the most promising treatments are the elimination of harmful senescent cells, drugs that enhance metabolism, genetic and cellular therapies, and calorie restriction. These treatments extend the healthy period of life, and, as a welcome side effect, lifespan in mice by over 25–30%. Some of these methods are currently in human clinical trials and are expected to reach the market 5–10 years from now.

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