Aug 28, 2018

Web 3.0 & 4.0 Will Require Global Internet Connectivity (Evolution & Impact of the Web)

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This video is the first in a three-part series discussing global internet connectivity. In this video, we’ll be discussing the evolution of the world wide web, how it correlates with global connectivity and why global connectivity is needed to ensure a more prosperous future for all, as well as to assure in many of the new technologies in development today.

[0:30–6:15] Starting off we’ll take a look at the evolution of the web, from the birth of the web to the future of the web with web 4.0.

[6:15–10:05] Following that, we’ll take a look at the impact the web has had on society: economically, socially and more. As well as, why global connectivity will be required in ensuring everyone can access the benefits of the web.

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