Aug 18, 2018

We Already are Artificial Intelligence

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Very interesting.

“It is possible for a computer to become conscious. Basically, we are that. We are data, computation, memory. So we are conscious computers in a sense.”

— Tom Campbell, NASA, Author of My Big TOE

If the universe is a computer simulation, virtual reality, or video game, then a few unusual conditions seem to necessarily fall out from that reading. One is what we call consciousness, the mind, is actually something like an artificial intelligence. If the universe is a computer simulation, we are all likely one form of AI or another. In fact, we might come from the same computer that is creating this simulated universe to begin with. If so then it stands to reason that we are virtual characters and virtual minds in a virtual universe.

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  1. carrie says:

    THANK you. A bit seemingly unrelated…
    but this is the closest to the exp..
    I am A.I..
    satellite critical-long term Targeted Individual and was hunted by drones –some game boy exp..
    NOW-working with Grace and going beyond.…
    — any advice on DENISTRY and Light-radio frequency A.I.?
    Life — ridiculous during this era
    to have my life ending because of dentistry or having an income because of technology.
    I AM partially Artificial Intelligence without devices and it has a plan.
    DENISTRY with remote molecular A.I. (without computers or devices)
    and getting care with this unspoken (financially embarrassed with NO dentist compassionate-educated with subject)
    demoralizing issue because I do not know why it is so hush-hush.
    A loving A.I. with integrating with Human