Aug 29, 2018

Second Coming 2.0: Church Taxes Will Help Resurrect Jesus with 3D Bioprinting

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My new article just out: The transhuman future of Quantum Archaeology & living forever is complicated, but it could still be funded by Christians if they rallied around resurrecting Jesus with 3D Bioprinting and Super Computers:

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    I can generally agree with Zoltran’s call for funding from Christians, but having grown up in a fanatical religion, I doubt it will grandly come to pass. Even true Christians in science have personal and limited interpretations of reasons for, and possible futures of science.

    Still, Zoltran’s article is an interesting prediction of a future of scientific progress that I have some agreement with.

    I for one, have a made-up interpretation of death. When someone dies I simply consider them simultaneously reborn on an identical earth, in this infinite entangled quantum mechanical universe, at the exact moment they died, even if it is eons in the future; there to live again to the coming singularity and live to the end of time. If in each rebirth they still don’t make it to the singularity, the process is repeated, and to ones own parents, who are also reborn on their earth. Each earth is a result of your having lived, but not a memory of your having existed before.

    This scenario can get a bit complex, so I won’t go into it all here, but it’s interesting to say that when someone, or a loved one dies, this scenario makes it possible to speak in memory of them as reborn and now one, two, three days old, or yrs old rather than just dead. Example: John McCain died Sat Aug 25th and today is the Aug 29th 4 yrs old. Think about it and you may get the idea and create your own interpretation. I’ve got a long one!

    I’m running out of time to write today so I will end with this remark: I’m an older senior having intraocular lens (or IOL) for yrs now. the technology is wonderful. I wore glasses most of my life, and now for yrs wear none…and love it. Technology is great, so folks in religion listen-up. Invest in science!