Jul 5, 2018

Mind Control World CACH

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They have been called the main news channel internationally and have a wider range than CNN and Al Jazeera. They have also taken the right to broadcast the best documentary on the development of mind control as a major political program. The Spanish TV-producer Daniel Estulin made the 25 minute presentation and interviewed Magnus Olsson who presented examples of victims that can be subjected to life-destructive research without their consent. The introduction gives a picture from the 1960s CIA project MKULTRA with tens of thousands of victims and a research based on state crime, medical abuse and kept beyond public attention.

University hospitals in the United States and Europe were central places where patients were implanted, utilized and misused for a life time of brain research and experiments. That situation has a similar pattern internationally and was built in behind the military and intelligence agencys classified operations. In Sweden the military research institution FOI became the innovator, knowledge bank and educated professors and physicians in collaboration with hospitals where the project was given highest priority.

The documentary’s original language is Spanish but has got English subtitles to be shown world-wide. Daniel Estulin has by far made the strongest warning about the hidden techno-political development. Mr. Estulin is also one with the strength of the challenge and his presentation gives an expression that fits the crucial mission he proclaims. While interviewing people on the street of Madrid, both school children and adults show examples of the unknown technology and its use:”…I have never heard about it … It sounds too fantastic… Can it really be like that…” Something normal of a techno-political development hidden from media and the public.

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