Jul 7, 2018

Is Colonizing Mars the Most Important Project in Human History?

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Interstellar travel one of the most moral projects? “one of the most moral projects might be to prepare for interstellar travel. After all, if the Earth becomes inhabitable—whether in 200 years or in 200,000 years—the only known civilization in the history of the solar system will suddenly go extinct. But if the human species has already spread to other planets, we will escape this permanent eradication, thus saving millions—possibly trillions—of lives that can come into existence after the demise of our first planet.”

The Red Planet is a freezing, faraway, uninhabitable desert. But protecting the human species from the end of life on Earth could save trillions of lives.

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    Going into space and colonizing Mars is not just about one more adventure and place to survive, it’s about another perspective on Earth, and vantage point on how to protect Earth from failed environmental conditions, as well as dangers from space itself.