Jul 27, 2018

How Is AI Used In Healthcare — 5 Powerful Real-World Examples That Show The Latest Advances

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Healthcare can be transformed with the innovation and insights of AI and machine learning. From robot-assisted surgery to virtual nursing assistants, diagnosing conditions facilitating workflow and analyzing images, AI and machines can help improve outcomes for patients and lower costs for providers.

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    Considering reports of innovations in healthcare, and that I’ve always been in excellent health and now in my 70’s; when I go to my doctor I still feel like I’m in the 1960’s…except for the blood test.

    When are they going to design a machine I can walk into that can analyze virtually every perimeter of my physical condition to compare with every past test. That way they could identify incremental changes over time and apply health care clearly where it belongs, maintaining a average, or norm.