Jul 10, 2018

Global quadrupling of cooling appliances to 14 billion by 2050

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Soaring global need for cooling by 2050 could see world energy consumption for cooling increase five times as the number of cooling appliances quadruples to 14 billion—according to a new report by the University of Birmingham, UK.

This new sets out to provide, for the first time, an indication of the scale of the implications of ‘Cooling for All’.

Effective is essential to preserve food and medicine. It underpins industry and economic growth, is key to sustainable urbanisation as well as providing a ladder out of rural poverty. With significant areas of the world projected to experience temperature rises that place them beyond those which humans can survive, cooling will increasingly make much of the world bearable—or even safe—to live in. With populations increasing, expanding urbanisation and impacts leading to more frequent heatwaves and temperature rises, the demand for more cooling will increase in the decades ahead.

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