Jun 29, 2018

The First Rejuvenation Therapy Reaches Human Trials

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Senolytics developed by UNITY Biotechnology are currently in Phase-1 clinical trials.

Today we are pleased to announce that UNITY Biotechnology is going into human clinical trials with the first true rejuvenation therapy that directly targets one of the processes of aging: senescent cells.

The quiet revolution

In our collective imagination, revolutions start with a bang; however, more often than not, real-life technological revolutions start quietly and unbeknownst to most people. This is pretty much what’s going on with the therapies that aim to prevent or reverse age-related diseases by targeting the aging processes directly.

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    Interesting trial from Unity Biotechnology. I’m imagining that Elysium’s Basis pill might someday include a drug like this.…