Apr 26, 2018

Some People Worry if Rejuvenation is Available they May be Forced to Use it

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Hard to believe but some people are worried that when rejuvenation biotechnology is available they may be forced to use it.

Might rejuvenation become an imposition?

Suppose that, on a nice day not too far into the future, while everything is going reasonably well in your life and you are enjoying yourself, you walk into the doctor’s office for a regular checkup. The doctor finds nothing wrong with you, but in order to minimize your risk of developing diseases that are likely to strike people in your age range, she recommends that you undergo senolytic treatment. The treatment is safe, with no serious adverse effects, it is administered simply through injections, and it is either state-subsidized or otherwise affordable. In your opinion, what are the odds that you would refuse the doctor’s prescription and say that you’d rather take the risk of getting sick?

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