Apr 29, 2018

Scientists shocked as NASA cuts only moon rover

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As i said the other day on here. No money for science. Plenty of money for war war war. And, the knucklehead public is out zonked out to whatever mindless BS they screwing off with this minute.

In a move that shocked lunar scientists, NASA has cancelled the only robotic vehicle under development to explore the surface of the Moon, despite President Donald Trump’s vow to return people there.

Scientists working on the Resource Prospector (RP) mission, a that had been in development for about a decade to explore a polar region of the Moon, expressed astonishment at the decision.

“We now understand RP was cancelled on 23 April 2018 and the project has been asked to close down by the end of May,” said the letter dated April 26 by the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, addressed to NASA chief Jim Bridenstine and posted on the website

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