Apr 8, 2018

Goodbye Anthropocene hello Alexacene. The future of humankind and the planet

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You heard about the Anthropocene, a new geological era when what happens to the planet is determined by the activities of the human species. The Anthropocene started with agriculture 12,000 years ago or with the industrial revolution in the 1800s according to different opinions.

I propose that the Anthropocene will be over by the end of this century as what will happen to Earth is determined not by humans but by artificial intelligence (AI).

Amazon’s Alexa is a popular name for the personification of artificial intelligence, so I propose Alexacene as the name of this new era. Jeff Bezos picked a good name for their AI(exa) (he will prevail over you know who too). And Alexa is evolving fast; HackerEarth to Launch Virtual Artificial Intelligence Hackathon for Alexa.

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