Mar 14, 2018

Undoing Aging With Aubrey de Grey Part One

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The Undoing Aging 2018 Conference is almost here! For the occasion, LEAF has interviewed Dr. Aubrey de Grey and others of the SRF team. Check it out!

As the Undoing Aging 2018 Conference approaches, excitement and interest about the event are growing among both aging scientists and rejuvenation enthusiasts alike. If you’re a regular on our blog, neither Undoing Aging 2018’s main organizer, SENS Research Foundation, nor the main sponsor, Michael Greve’s Forever Healthy Foundation, need much of an introduction, but for the benefit of any newcomers, here’s a brief summary of all you need to know before diving into the questions that we’ve asked the SRF team on behalf of the members of the growing rejuvenation community.

SENS Research Foundation

SENS Research Foundation is a medical research charity based in California and the UK. A spin-off of the Methuselah Foundation, SRF is the engine room of research on biotechnologies against aging. Co-founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the first proponent of the so-called “maintenance approach” to aging, the foundation has, over the years, funded and conducted cutting-edge research on the known root causes of aging, producing solid evidence that rejuvenation biotechnologies that can undo the damage of aging may be achievable within a few decades, given sufficient effort and funding.

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