Mar 30, 2018

This site guesses exactly who you are based on just 15 questions

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Inti de Ceukelaire, the ethical hacker from ‘Oilsjt’ in Belgium, is back again. De Ceukelaire has built a tool that can pretty reliably tell who you are after answering 15 questions on his new site ‘Oilsjt Analytica,’ a cheeky reference to Cambridge Analytica’s recent Facebook scandal.

I would say it was creepy, but the disclaimer on the website jokes that feeling away. Which also kind of makes me feel like a sucker for giving away data because someone makes light of it. Maybe it illuminates a deeper truth: We don’t care about our data as long as we’re entertained.

“Disclaimer: this website does not store any personal information. I mean, we could, but we say we don’t. So we don’t. We cannot be held responsible for any fake news related to this website.”

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