Mar 23, 2018

Pentagon Tries to Replicate Human Voices Using Lasers

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Considering how often lasers show up in science fiction, it’s interesting that the concept of “talking lasers” might show up in reality before eventually finding their way into sci-fi.

But the United States’ military Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWP) is getting close to creating one, according to a new report in Defense One. The device in question will soon be capable of reproducing human speech as a means of scaring off trespassers or enemies, making announcements, or just sending discrete messages to somebody who dropped their phone or walkie talkie.

It’s not quite there yet, because while it does sound like a garbled human speaking, it still speaks only gibberish for now. See it below, but don’t turn up your headphones too loud, for reasons that will immediately become clear — like many people who speak gibberish, the laser speaks loudly:

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