Feb 28, 2018

What’s All The Buzz? BioViva’s Platform For Expedited Drug Development

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BioViva is a platform to expedite the development of drugs and treatments that affect human healthspan. To achieve this goal BioViva has developed a comprehensive set of biomarkers of aging, which include molecular, physiological, anatomical, clinical, and qualitative markers. BioViva also collaborates with clinicians, biomedical scientists, and statisticians to develop innovative protocols for adaptive clinical trials for gene and cells therapies. Finally, BioViva has built a bioinformatics pipeline to analyze the data generated from the biomarkers of aging in human trials, and validate the treatments that are effective for treating the aging process.

BioViva has recently partnered with a paid-for clinical trial company Integrated Health Systems (IHS). IHS connects doctors with patients who want to take part in paid-for clinical trials. During our collaboration with IHS they will utilize our adaptive clinical trial protocols to conduct gene and cell therapy trials. All patients will undergo pre- and post testing using BioViva’s comprehensive biomarkers of aging platform. Treatment efficacy, and patient well being will be assessed using our bioinformatics pipeline…

The goal of BioViva is to accelerate the development of products that will effectively, and cost-efficiently treat biological aging. Our platform is designed to provide expedited and reliable feedback to our clinical and manufacturing partners, so that they may rapidly iterate their products and services to help patients improve the quality and quantity of life.

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