Feb 6, 2018

Regenerative Reprogramming to Beat Aging Say Researchers

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Summary: Regenerative reprogramming of the body with injections could turn back the clock in our organs, say scientists in a Jan 2018 report. Prematurely aged mice lived 30% longer after Salk Institute researchers genetically reprogrammed their cells while still in the body. [This article first appeared on the website Author: Brady Hartman. ]

Imagine a time in the future when the doctor gives you the bad news: you need a heart transplant. In the past, this would be an expensive and drastic procedure. Instead, the doctor gives you an injection that rejuvenates your heart. In time, your heart eventually mends itself, reverting to the strength and vigor of your youth.

The dream is closer to reality than you think, thanks to a novel technique developed by a team researchers headed by Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte at the Salk Institute in La Jolla.

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