Jan 18, 2018

Joe Rogan & Mel Gibson on Stem Cell Therapy

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For your scrutiny. This is about the 90+ year old father of Mel Gibson getting stem cell therapy and Joe Rogan talking about Bas Ruten getting the same. According to this doctor these treatments are not available in the U.S.

Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson and Dr. Neil Riordan talk about stem cell therapy and how it saved Mel Gibson’s Dad, on The Joe Rogan Experience, JRE 1066. Full podcast —

Joe Rogan discusses stem cell treatment with Mel Gibson and Dr. Neil Riordan. Mel Gibson tells Joe Rogan that his dad was 92 and in terrible shape health wise, so they decided to try stem cell treatment for him and it improved all aspects of his health, from his heart and cognition to his eyesight. Joe Rogan talks about stem cells, Mel Gibson’s experience with stem cell therapy, stem cell treatment in Panama and other topics with Mel Gibson and Neil Riordan on the Joe Rogan Experience, JRE #1066.

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  1. Rick Alvarado says:

    Wanting to find out cost for kidney and knees please „

  2. Mariza says:

    This is awesome. I wish I could get this treatment for my son and my mother.….……

  3. Ozzie Fish says:

    any idea what this costs in US dollars

  4. Montie Adkins says:

    Not sure of the cost, I don’t think they mentioned it in the vid. I truly wish i could give a timeline that it could be more widespread and easier to attain. I wonder if it is possible to contact that doctor or Mel Gibson and make a request.