Dec 12, 2017

Human-AI merger: The pinnacle or demise of mankind? (DEBATE)

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With machine learning algorithms evolving at an incredibly fast pace, concerns are mounting whether artificial intelligence (AI) is the logical continuation of human history or its demise. RT talked to three experts in the field about the benefits and dangers of AI.

Three AI experts engaged in a debate on RT about the benefits and dangers of rapidly-developing technology and AI.

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    I’m more afraid of remaining who we are, and have been. Life is a lot about the luck of the draw. History is full of stories of violent competition for survival.

    Really, do you believe the future merging with AI will be worse? Of course, we’re not sure, but I’m more afraid of remaining where we are, or returning to the Dark Ages, then a future science singularity.