Nov 17, 2017

New Missile Defense Agency Interceptor Destroys Multiple ICBMs, Decoys

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The Pentagon is developing an emerging technology able to track, target and destroy approaching ICBMs and decoys simultaneously — by attaching a new Multi-Object Kill Vehicle, or MOKV, to a Ground Based Interceptor.

Development of the MOVK is intended to evolve from existing tests with the EKV, however industry and Pentagon developers do not want to rush the system in order to ensure it is well suited to destroy emerging threats anticipated five, ten or more years from now, Norm Montano, Raytheon EKV Program Director, told Scout Warrior in an interview last year.

While spoken many months ago, Montano’s comments bear even greater relevance now — as tensions with North Korea rise quickly and many analyze the regime’s fast-advancing ability to hit US targets with an ICBM.

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