Oct 20, 2017

It Still Doesn’t Really Matter What A.I. Can Score on IQ Tests

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This has a look at where the intelligence of AI is at right now:

“the researchers came up with a means of testing intelligence that can be translated onto a 100-point scale. They purportedly administered their tests to actual human adults in 2014, and the average score for those 18 years or older was just around 97 points. A 6-year-old human averaged out to a score of 55.5.

In the 2016 A.I. testing rounds, no machine was able to crack the 50-point threshold, but Google Assistant got close. Based on testing in 2016, Google Assistant racked up a 47.28. The Chinese personal assistant Duer, created by Baidu, scored 37.20. Bing came out to 31.98. Apple’s Siri rounded out the top 10 with a score of 23.94.”

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