Oct 14, 2017

Does Our Microbiome Cause Inflammaging? Can We Trust Our Gut?

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Does an out of whack microbiome cause inflammaging?

Does our microbiome cause inflammaging, the low-level chronic inflammation that plagues our bodies as we get older? A new research paper examines the question, and their findings just might surprise you.

Many people still regard bacteria and other microorganisms as mere disease-causing germs. However, it’s a lot more complicated than that. In fact, it has become increasingly clear that a healthy human body is teeming with microbes, which play a role in our immune system. We are not just an organism; we are a super-organism and the millions of microbes both within and without our bodies.

The Microbiome and Inflammaging

Geroscientists are starting to realize that the human microbiome, the colony of bacteria in our gut, Several studies have shown that our microbiome changes as we age, and this could negatively impact our health.

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