Oct 4, 2017

Are Space, Time, And Gravity All Just Illusions?

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Pioneered by Erik Verlinde, the idea is that gravity emerges from a more fundamental phenomenon in the Universe, and that phenomenon is entropy.

“Sound waves emerge from molecular interactions; atoms emerge from quarks, gluons and electrons and the strong and electromagnetic interactions; planetary systems emerge from gravitation in General Relativity. But in the idea of entropic gravity — as well as some other scenarios (like qbits) — gravitation or even space and time themselves might emerge from other entities in a similar fashion. There are well-known, close relationships between the equations that govern thermodynamics and the ones that govern gravitation. It’s known that the laws of thermodynamics emerge from the more fundamental field of statistical mechanics, but is there something out there more fundamental from which gravity emerges? That’s the idea of entropic gravity.”

Entropic gravity, also known as emergent gravity, is a theory in modern physics that describes gravity as an entropic force—a force with macro-scale homogeneity but which is subject to quantum-level disorder—and not a fundamental interaction. The theory, based on string theory, black hole physics, and quantum information theory, describes gravity as an emergent phenomenon that springs from the quantum entanglement of small bits of spacetime information. As such, entropic gravity is said to abide by the second law of thermodynamics under which the entropy of a physical system tends to increase over time.

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  1. Tim G. Meloche says:

    Chew on this.
    Academia’s current teachings that gravity is a geometric construct, not a force has really inhibited innovation and discovery in this area of research. A similar situation occurred during the time of Galileo when academia taught that the Earth was the center of the universe. Beware of what you pay for!
    The answers begin by understanding how gravity works at the atomic scale. The principles of atomic gravity are simple and have been proven over and over again.
    Discover the principles in the google links below.
    Learn, innovate, and solve the problem outside the academic box. Only the motivated and talented need apply the principles to their specific area(s) of research.
    Atomic Gravity Summary


    Zero G flight at the Atomic Scale…QxAbzI/pub