Sep 14, 2017

Tempus fugit

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A super-short and to-the-point introduction to Rejuvenaction, ageing, and rejuvenation which I wrote on l4t.

You might have noticed I have sometimes mentioned ‘Rejuvenaction’ in passing in other posts on l4t, but never really went too much into detail as to what Rejuvenaction even is. I was hoping to trigger curiosity in the few readers l4t has had thus far (this is what I get for posting once in a blue moon), but I think it is high time to formally introduce l4t’s older brother.

Simply put, Rejuvenaction is an advocacy blog meant to spread awareness about the problem of human ageing and what could be done to bring about the end of this problem within a few decades.

No, it’s neither a joke, nor about snake oil supplements to part a bunch of fools from their money. It’s about hopefully relatively-soon-to-be rejuvenation biotechnologies to bring the biological clock of people back to about 25 years of age, so that regardless of their chronological age, they can be as healthy as they were when they were young adults.

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