Sep 4, 2017

Should we be looking for space aliens a bit closer to home?

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Astronomers believe it’s possible that advanced beings lived in or visited our solar system eons ago — and perhaps left behind certain ‘technosignatures.’

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    I’ve had a real difficulty with much of history channel Ancient Alien scenarios, but not all. Like Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 Space Odyssey finds monolith on Moon, maybe we will discovery exoplanet alien craft left in our Solar System…lifeless & automated, or otherwise. If aliens with technologies allowing them to come here from an exoplanet, I’m a believer they would have technologies making them undiscoverable, and stories that U.S. military has confiscated one of their highly advanced craft without their taking it back seem a stretch…unless you could believe it’s simply a ancient automated craft that maybe came here long ago, and finally crashed. UFOlogist can create scenarios infinum.
    However, I’ve been in Roswell New Mexico many times and ask citizens about reported UFO, and was told it was simply an unreliable story that continues making money. A few of UFOlogist arguments are interesting, but I get tired of most of their rational.